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  1. Hi Guys, everything works perfectly so just a short inquiry I use EFB also to check the actual air traffic around me, especially when I'm landing so then I do the ATC "by myself". Eg: I try to enter a final when no traffic to avoid situations like go around. Question. Would that be an idea to develop a button or something that would temporarily show only the traffic that arrive (maybe leave) the destination airport from the flight plan? That would be very beneficial for me . Thanks Roland
  2. I meant, I've used DEP (departure) to open the DEP/ARR page.
  3. Hi thanks for the test. I did not use the PROC button just the DEP and then SID. My workaround is right now to insert the SID after clearance requested, in the case work without any problem. Strange Anyway, if I have this issue only then the problem seems to be in my configuration, maybe some other add-on.... Yes, I know GPS system is NOT used in FMC equipped aircraft . I just use this to have a kind of ATC service. Once again, thank you for your immediate support and have a nice evening.
  4. I used the latest AIRAC cycle from navigraph (1807). I tried different routes now, here is the details with the last one. Initial l flight plan was create by FFPX (EHAMLSZH.efbr). This time I selected departure EHAM, RWY 9 and SID->REND1N, no transition. Aircraft PMDG 738. EFB_current_gps_with_arr.pln EFB_current_gps_with_dep.pln EFB_current_gps_initial_without_sid&star.pln EHAMLSZH01.efbr
  5. Thanks from your prompt answer. So to be a more precise, I crated flight plan and saved and loaded to p3d ( enabled in the profile) but without SID/STAR. It perfectly appeared in P3D GPS, ATC menu showed "Request IFR Clearance". When start the final planning I entered the SID using "DEP" and "Set FPL". I've checked and yes, EFB_current_gps.pln file was modified but instead of loading the new flight plan with the SID inserted, the entire flight plan somehow disappeared from the p3d GPS system. If I do this with the "ARR" and STAR and "Set FPL" then its correctly saved an loaded into P3D and appears in P3D GPS. So it seems for me there is problem with DEP loading... Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm just doing my first flights with the new tool, looks great so far. Nice Job. Nevertheless I've one small problem. If save the route to P3D it works and appears in ATC menu but If I set FPL on departure it disappears immediately and I can get it only back if I clear and create a new plan. Thanks and nice day, Roland
  7. I think you have to Export and save the route here. For me it's been working with this.
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