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  1. Hello KiloJuliet, this is not the case. The URL is in the settings dialog AND in the serversettings.txt file. Like i said, i ddid never make any changes before the problem occurs. I use EFB basically on all of my flights, online or offline. I also don't use any 3rd Party Anti-Virus and all Aivlasoft folders do have an exception in windows defender
  2. Hello, after some Days of using the EFB v2, I always get the Error Message "No Vatsim URL available" (see Screenshot). As a result, no online FIR's, Towers etc controllers are displayed on the EFB. Also i don't get any Vatsim traffic in the displayed in the EFB. Just for testing i set IVAO as the online Network, and there it works. A Reinstall of the Server always fixes the Vatsim URL problem, but i comes back after a couple of days, around a week if i had to guess more accurately. I did never touch the "Online" Configurations tab, the problem just starts out of nowhere. Does anyone know a way of fixing without always having to reinstall? Thanks in advance...
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