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  1. Could it be possible for the next AivlaSoft EFB X-Plane version adding a new field at the Aivlasoft EFB Flight log Documents with the ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) used in every flight? Thanks. Looking for the new X-Plane version to buy it.
  2. Oh my God! How didn't I realize that matter! Thanks a lot. Finally I can see the wonderful aproaching windows. Greetings.
  3. Thanks for your interest. I even updated the video drivers, but I didn't get anything. I'll keep investigating this odd thing. Greetings.
  4. Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Of course There them go!
  5. Hi mates. I've just uninstalled everything and installed another again. I can't see yet the Departure detailed text window and the Aproaching vertical profile window. I can't see even the green tab of both windows. I've just installed the Net framework 4.7 either and nothing... Am I missing something? By the way: Of course I've installed the last server software update.
  6. Yes, I understand. However nor the Departure window neither the aproach window pups up. It's strange. I'm going to uninstall and install another again.
  7. Yes! I was talking about that window. But I can't see it yet. When I press on Arrival button, then it pops up the Procedure window and since inside I select an aproach. The Aproach window doesn´t pop up.
  8. Hi mates! Do you know how to activate the Vertical Aproach Profile Window? Once I've selected the Arrival Airport, the Star, the aproach, I can't see the aproach window. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok. Thanks for the quick answer. I'm very looking forward to seeing this wonder running and connecting to X-Plane 11. Thanks lonwwulf47: Oskar.
  10. Hi. Pretty good tool, indeed! I wonder wether is possible, I know that navdata is from Navigraph and FS9,FSX,P3D, to connect to X-Plane throughout XPUIPC, like any other addons as Fsimcommander is able to connect to X-Plane. Did anybody test this matter? Thanks, and waiting for X-Plane connection.
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