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  1. Hey, since the last update I see that the Labels of the Online traffic get "decoded. Example: If its a DLH it shows Lufthansa but for example for AUA it does not show austrian. I cant find the setting where i can disable the "decode" of the ICAO codes of the ACs. BR
  2. I have the same issue right now also with ADR_CTR The CTR is not shown on EFB. AI Traffic is shown VatsimStatus.txt downloadVatsim.zip
  3. Hey, but the AI Traffic of Vatsim is shown in my sim but not shown on EFB?
  4. Hi, I recognized that on my last flights. Sometimes, the Online Traffic (VATSIM) is not shown. I am on ground right now in LOWW, with 1 Airplane @ Gate. The Plane is shown and visible in my simulator but its not listed in the traffic monitor of Aivlasofts System. What can cause this? P3D 4.5 HF1 + latest Version of Aivlasoft and vPilot. Thanks
  5. Will do when at home today evening I just want to say that I really appreciate your really nice and fast support!
  6. I already did that (I am in IT Support and that was my first try :P) Maximizing the Window does not do anything - but I found my workaround. I open it once and do not close it the whole flight
  7. Update to 1807 too, no issues herer.
  8. EFB v2 Client -> latest Version vPilot Client (if it does matter) latest beta version Nope I dont think so. I had this behaviour on my way from LPMA to LOWW with all Stations which were shown in the Radio panel Probably are you already using a newer client version of EFB?
  9. So to say, that will not be possible anymore?
  10. Yes just for testing because there was nothing shown Working now Okay but why has this worked with the EFB v1 ? In the Traffic Monitor the ICAO FROM/TO are empty and sometimes there is 1234 inserted
  11. Hi there, for some reason today, my Traffic monitor is working, anyway, is there a possibility to show the complete altitude and not just the seperation? thats in my txt: [World] Line1={3} {2} Line2={10}ft {12}kts Line3={2} and thats how it looks like: I would like to see the Flightlevel the other Plane is + I just saw that Line 3 is not shown at all ? ++ Icao TO and ICAO From is also empty in the traffic monitor. I remeber this was working in the v1 version
  12. Hey, check https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2883-ivao-problem/ Regards
  13. Thanks for the reply, anyway a nice little feature to right the Taxiway somewhere down with oneclick which is provide by ATC (even its not shown correclty :D)
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