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  1. Hi I have the same problems with missing ILS approach. However, this only happens, if i have installed e.g. a new scenery, start P3d and subsequently the server, then the message for the database builder appears. If I confirm that and build a new database, it comes to this error If I start the database builder in advance manually and let it go through, everything fits so far.
  2. I was also desperately looking for it last night - at least the distance to destination would have been great ( or at least that's possible and I just have not found it yet - without using the mouse distance meter )
  3. Hi, with efb1 it was possible to automatically create / adjust a garmin gps flight plan. After activating a flightplan in efb, it was automatically available in the p3d, as well as a weather tool (As). Is there no longer in version 2, or did I miss something? Regards Jens
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