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  1. To Brian Hi Brian, your tip is perfect! In PFPX i send my EFB - flightplans now to my dropbpx. And EFB is linked to the same folder in the dropbox. Thank you again for the tip kind regards, Ebi
  2. Thank you Brian, I will try it with the dropbox. Good idea. I hob, I can make the client to look in there. ? Regards, Ebi
  3. You also have my warmest congratulations!!! I use it with the latest windows 10 Designer-blablabla Version in a network together with a laptop. AND IT WORKS. I even can export the flightplans from PFPX to the client! Its also great to fly VFR and of course IFR together with the genial PRO-ATC-X. You have done an incredible job! Ebi
  4. I had the same problem and spent hours to find the solution. The problems are the stupid "admistrator rights" in windows 10 in any of the "users/user-folders". The very simple solution is to mak a folder directly on your hardrive (of the client computer). Mine is C:/FlightplansEFB. You give the rights to open this to anybody. Then you can open this folder with no problems in the network, on your main FS computer. The link for EFB in PFPX to place the flightplans goes to my desktop. So I can very quickly copy and paste it to the open flightplan folder on the client computer. Ebi
  5. The same, after buying: Problem ended. Ebi
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