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  1. ahh i see , ok one last question is it possible when i do see traffic that i can see there call-sigh with there flight plan speed and alt?.... currently when using vpilot and such i only see airline altitude and speed...not their callsign . or can i fix it though fsuipc... all the boxes are checked in the sim .. chris adama
  2. i see all i want to see is all the traffic i used to see on v1 everytime i connected to vatsim... theres no other way to see all the traffic th en?
  3. update number two... In fsuipc 5 there is no limit set for tcas and traffic means i should be able to see all traffic online right? now testing wise .. i am using vpilot to connect online... keep in mind theres no limit set in fsuipc... when i connect vpilot and check the settings i see a setting "do not sisplay aircraft" the next to it has a value.. witch max is 100.. so i connect and in the efb i can oly see a/c up to 100 miles....even though fsuipc is set to no limit... so i test it again this time lower it in vpilot to say about 2
  4. I understand , its just the issue of when i log on to vatsim ,i am only seeing online traffic up to 40 miles around me. v1 didnt have this issue i have a paid version of fsuipc 5 and i have played with the numbers as you can see one screen shows the traffic how ever efb is not . traffic mode is selected and ive taken off the limit off of fsuipc .... any way to fix the issue of only seeing traffic up to 40 nm? i am using vpilot for vatsim... i see all the atc that are on but no traffic. they have to be with in 40 nm? chris edit i think i
  5. also the sim and efb {server} client are running with admin pvg. chris adama
  6. Hey yes i did that and i was reading else were of poeple having the same issue i really with we stuck with sim connect as i never had the issue on v1 here are some screen shots. i have a pay version of fsuipc ive also tried messing with the ranges and same result. chris adama
  7. I have a pay version of fsuipc 5 and running 4.3 and it seems i can only still see 40 miles even with fsuipc set at no limit or of a cap of 500 miles... i can only see defualt of 40 miles... i miss when i can see everything... unless im doing something wrong ive read the docs many times. christopher adama
  8. i see that now ,.. thanks but why wont why wont the uplink see .efbr if that extension most exporters and downloadrs offer ? offering an uplink feature but limiting the files it will read? will there be any update on this? it sucks to download the file then have to load it via company route when i have access to the uplink feature.
  9. i see now one last question as i use simbrief for my flight planning... they have a .efbr file when i save and download it to the uplink it will not work as if i download it as a .pln extension it will recognize it how ever wont load due to the stars and sids included. is there a way for the uplink to recognize .efbr when downloaded ? .efbr=== uplink does not recognize , and this file does not include the sid,s and stars .pln uplink sees and cannot load due to stars and sids included.
  10. good day all for some reason every-time i export a flight plan to efb v2 up link i get this "could not identify element" when the star is included in the simbreif flight plan. then have to manually enter the way points and such. this gets very annoying anyway to fix that regular company route loading i dont have the issue. thanks chris
  11. UPDATE TO THIS so im reading the manual and im getting a headache, i dont know how or what i need to do to fix these issues also going on at phnl and ord
  12. // Aivlasoft EFB, Runway assignment table: FSX runway to Navdata runway // Copyright by AivlaSoft - www.aivlasoft.com // // *** %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% // *** it is important to always define ALL runways from an airport, // *** whether they have changed or not! // *** %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% // // General) // Column 1: ICAO 4-letter code of the affected airport // // A) if the designator of an existing runway in FSX has been replaced/changed: // Column 2: Designator of the FSX-Rwy // Column
  13. Good day all, after i installed all my new scenery and stuff i ran data provider and cross reference the charts. coming up with this issue at various airports ..... the data provider cant find the runways and this is what happens. iv been in the simulator and verified the runways are there. any help would be appreciated.
  14. I keep getting " The number of systems on witch this product key can be use has been exceeded" How ever i uninstalled it before doing a clean wipe and install of my new computer. Please help asap in this matter. thanks Ive sent two emails to support and no response yet, ive uninstalled it off my back up laptop and it should have relased the license but i dont know what the issue is.
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