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  1. Thanks for the help Urs. Robert
  2. I have had a new PC built for MSFS. Tried to install EFB.2 but program would not accept my EFB.1 registration key. Do I have to start again with a full re-purchase of EFB or is there a way previous EFB users can upgrade or transfer the key? Robert Moved to proper forum by Admin
  3. I had been running EFB for Aerosoft A319 - 321 in FSX for a couple of years, without any problems. Now I can't load flight plans because they are being saved in in PLN format rather than FLP. I have been through the FAQs and posts and I have looked closely at the EFB itself. I suspect I'm missing something very obvious, but I cannot see how to make EFB save my flight plans as FLP files. Something must have changed, and I'm the only person who could have done it - but I can't think what, or find my way back. All help welcomed. thanks Robert Moved to proper location by Admin
  4. Thanks Urs, (am I now in the proper forum?). Didn't explain myself very well; when I used the FPL button from the main functions, no progress dialogue window appeared - where I would have expected to be able to clear the flight plan. The window had just 'vanished'. My PC rebooted overnight (Windows update) and I now have full functionality restored. Perhaps I should have rebooted in the first place. Robert
  5. I was trying to create a flight plan for an A320 flying from Alicante to Milan Bergamo (LEAL to LIME). The aircraft was parked at a gate at Alicante and its position was shown correctly in EFB. But I could not create the flight plan because a previous plan was in place. So although I was shown at Alicante, when I tried to enter my departure, the chart and route for Shoreham to Le Touquet appeared - (EGKA to LFAT) a short hop over the Channel for a Navajo. I could find no way of starting a new flight plan or of clearing the previous one. This issue survived closing and relaunching both EFB and FSX (in the correct order!) I must have missed something simple. Robert EDIT: Moved to proper forum by admin
  6. Flying Aerosoft A320at FL190 in FSX. All Navigraph data up to date. Planning a route from EGGP to EGAA - a short 'hop' over the Irish Sea, I get the route: EGGP WAL AGLIL DIGMA ERDUV LUSOD GOMUP BEL EGAA but GOMUP is about 200 miles beyond EGAA, out in the Atlantic - the route is absurd. Is this a common occurance and do I just edit out the silly waypoint after I've loaded the plan? Thanks for help Robert
  7. Thanks, I believe I have this sorted out now. Robert
  8. Thanks for the support. I was a bit puzzled to begin with because I followed through the steps in your reply and got a perfect flight plan. Yet I thought I had been taking exactly the same steps myself and getting random omissions of the Activate request. But eventually I spotted my error – occasionally I was going directly to the blue ‘airport’ box to select the procedure without first clicking the phase in the menu along the top of the map. I must have been doing this rather randomly. A silly error, so thanks for putting me straight! Robert
  9. Thanks for the help. The problem is not confined to one flight, but here's an example, a short flight EGGW to EGGP at FL190. Departure SID: OLNE1B when activated the route is modified Arrival STAR TIPO1J selected - no 'activate' box So to answer your questions: - which airport EGGP Liverpool - which STAR TIPO1J - navdata provider (Aerosoft or Navigraph) Navigraph - which cycle, here's a problem: I've downloaded the latest but not sure where Navigraph FMS Data Manager has put it. EFB is showing 1305, exactly a year old. Might this be the source of the problem? When I installed EFB I let it choose all its default file locations. I can find where EFB is installed - not under C:\FSX but deep down in Apps files. I wonder if I should uninstall and reinstall, choosing file locations myself? Even so, is this a separate problem from the one I reported? - flight plan which you have created : not sure how to show this without attaching a flp file, but here is the route as shown in EFB - EGGW OLNE1B OLNEY T420 WELIN UN57 SAPCO Y53 PEDIG EGGP Ah, I see below I can attached the flightplan EGGWEGGP01.flp
  10. I can activate a SID, which is then added to the flight plan in the normal way. When I find the approrpriate STAR there is no invitation to activate it - so, of course, it is not included in the flight plan. Have looked through FAQs and posts but these all seem to be about either both or neither SID/STARs. My problem is with the STAR only (and then the approach, because no STAR, no approach) Any hints on this odd problem - which has only occured recently? Robert
  11. C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\AivlaSoft\EFB\ CONTAINS 2 BIN FILES AND A TEXT FILE EFB Display Unit says that the folder does not contain the required data-provider files Data Provider says that C:\Users\User\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB\SIDSSTARS doesn't exist, this is correct. Navigraph FMS Data Manager is up to date with location of FSX correctly entered. I could find nothing to help in the manual, nor in FAQ here. Have I missed something very simple in the setup of one of the components? Robert
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