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  1. So I had read the manual and the configuration file is on my desktop and I did run it and made no changes. I did all this before sending this issue to the forum. That is why I was reaching out for support. I am trying to get this to work before the end of the free trial period so that I can see how it works before making the purchase. The correct version is installed. I installed to another drive and directory than the default on installation. So from my end, it seems as though I have done everything correctly but clearly I am missing something.
  2. Thank you. I am trying to provide as much information as I can. I installed. I did not run a configuration as I did not see a configuration file to run. It seemed to install properly. Numeric keypad is activated and when pushing any arrow keys to position the view, nothing happens. When I hit ctrl + arrow keys, the view moves up or down. When pressing ctrl+any numbers from numeric pad, occasionally it asks if I want to change the camera. If I say yes and then push the corresponding number, nothing happens. Hope that sheds a bit more light on the issue. Thanks for
  3. I installed Simplecam for P3D V4.2. Install went fine and upon starting up the sim, simplecam is present in system tray. NumLock is on and nothing happens. Tried on several different aircraft with no change. I have Oculus installed as well as Rhino X56 joystick and throttle system. I also have Eset Nod32 installed. Any help getting this working would be great. Thanks, Phil
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