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  1. Hello guys, I never done this before with any other addon or simulator but I have a spare computer at home and I want to install aivlasoft on it and use my main computer for the sim only, how can I do that please? I tried looking on the manuals but maybe Im looking wrong, I just need the steps to connect the EFB on the second computer, please any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hello guys, Few months ago or maybe a year I tried for few days the aivlasoft EFB but not much, not sure if this gets recorded but out of the 30 days maybe I tried 5, is anyway possible I can get a second chance to try this product? at the time I tried was on P3Dv3 but now I have v4.2. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.
  3. I finally got it thanks!! do you know if I can use this on an iPad or only on another computer? thanks.
  4. Hello guys, after trying and trying I cannot get this solved, I installed the aivlasoft twice and same thing, is only showing 34 airports, and I can tell they are ad dons but nothing else, is obviously missing all the other airports of the world, anything I can do please? haven't been able to use this tool at all, thanks. P3DV4.1
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