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  1. Hi, Just an update to my problem, after a few more experiments I accidently came across the issue. My Num 1 cam view was behind the Capt. seat, therefore no access to the capt's panel, I was one mouse click behind. Adjusted the view forward, and everything is working fine. Thanks to everyone , great product.
  2. Hi, New to this forum, first post, thanks for the support platform. Have had simple cam for more than a year, love it. I recently bought the Aerosoft \DA CRJ700\900. I tried to setup simple cam for the 700 version. After completing 9 view positions of the cockpit and returning to the left seat camera position I found out that I could not click, turn, or access anything that was in view on that Num1 camera position. Every other button, switch, gauge, dial or MFD screen on all the other camera positions (2 - 9) could be accessed and used normally except for position 1. I did the setup several times , the num 1 cam position still wont let me work the gauges in front of it. I know this is a long post, but this is the best way I can explain it. Can some on please help me. I use FSX, windows 10. Thanks
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