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  1. Hello Victor Please follow the already existing thread on this topic where I also explain what files we need for troubeshooting. Although I fly online, I didn't see this issue yet. Otherwise, I would have investigated myself.
  2. Mr. ATC

    cannot start server

    Glad you were able to resolve the issue. To my knowledge, it is a problem related to .NET framework on which EFB is built on.
  3. Mr. ATC

    cannot start server

    Just to ensure: you are running EFB server with admin right? Does the error occur also when you start EFB server before any other application? (no sim, weather engine, ... running)
  4. Mr. ATC

    ATC option

    Nope. I meant that the ATC relevant information you need as a pilot is already presented in EFB. Integrating an ATC simulator is certainly not a topic for an EFB, like bobsk8 already explained. These are two separate types of addons, that certainly do interact with each other, but otherwise don't have much in common. You shouldn't expect a joint product of the kind you mentioned.
  5. The time check is used to verify the validity of the trial licence. For this, you need a realiable/trustable server telling you the current time. This is to prevent abuse (use system time to keep a trial licence alive).
  6. Mr. ATC

    Double VOR Entries

    On the Desktop.
  7. Mr. ATC

    Flight Plan Adj CRZ ALT Bug

    Thanks for the update! Does the issue return when you set those zoom key settings again?
  8. Mr. ATC


    How these values are calculated exactly will have to be answered by Urs. But, the underlying issue here is clearly that you missed a certain waypoint in your route. EFB has BOA as active waypoint, but you are between RUVIP and RONAB. So you obviously didn't pass by close enough to BOA. If you do a shortcut or pass a waypoint not sufficiently close, you have to tell EFB manually the next waypoint you are proceeding to. This is done with the "DIR TO" button in the RSB. Then, also the calculations should show reasonable numbers again.
  9. Mr. ATC

    EFB still on last flight

    EFB server running? With admin rights? EFB client showing any yellow messages in the status display of the sidebar?
  10. Mr. ATC

    Double VOR Entries

    @Roland Knöpfel can you provide the log files (Start > Aivlasoft > EFB2 Create support files) so I can have also a look in the priorities of your scenery entries? Especially, I would be interested if the warnings/errors generated are due to a conflict between other add-on scenery and FS Aerodata or between the default scenery and FS Aerodata.
  11. Mr. ATC

    Flight Plan Adj CRZ ALT Bug

    No need to apologize. How about a simple text editor? So when you try to enter numbers from 1-3 in EFB and it doesn't work, quickly open a text editor and try to type numbers there. Does that work? I just want to be sure to exclude any strange input commands from the keyboard (either due to the keyboard hardware or the driver on your computer). If there is no such behaviour in other apps than EFB, I would suggest to re-install the EFB client (if you haven't tried that). Not really sure if that can help anything, but I'm running out of ideas slowly but surely.
  12. Mr. ATC

    Double VOR Entries

    Good hint Urs & Oski! Maybe even the root cause for these kind of problems could be rounding problems on the position of navaids. Looking at the screenshot of Roland, you can see that the latitude of RDS differs by a tenth of a minute (N36°20.4' vs. N36°20.5'). It's not the case for DAL. But as far as I know, the original position data is more accurate than the numbers presented by EFB. So the issue with a tool like FS Aerodata may simply derive from position data, that doesn't match with existing navaid position data. As the screenshots also shows only VORs activated, I think this is more likely than an unintended overlay of different navaids. @Roland Knöpfel maybe with this information, you can raise the issue with FS Aerodata? As EFB takes only what it gets from the sim database, it simply shows you the outcome of data manipulations by other apps. If you get any feedback, please post it here as well. Thanks.
  13. Mr. ATC

    Vatsim Traffic

    The issue with traffic not showing on the map is already identified and in the queue for the next update. So, just be patient for a few days and you won't need to roll-back your entire setup.
  14. Mr. ATC

    Working on Flightplans

    See here Urs' recent answer on this topic. As you are using SimBrief anyway, I suggest to use the exporter from there offering all kinds of formats already. This way, you also keep the fligh planning tasks together and don't mix them too much with in-flight tools.
  15. Mr. ATC

    Importing latest AIRAC

    Good to hear everything works well now. Enjoy EFB v2!