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  1. Mr. ATC

    Metar from Active Sky

    Peter, internet connection should be only required if you have the trial version. Did you set the AS folder in the EFB server correctly?
  2. Mr. ATC

    Runway 17/35 Missing at LPPT

    Hi Vincent This is most probably due to missuse of certain AFCAD definitions by the scenery developer. I think you are using an add-on scenery, right? Which one is it. Can you find the associated AFCAD file (in the airport info dialog)?
  3. Mr. ATC

    IVAO Problem

    If you come across such a situation, can you check the traffic monitor in the EFB server whether the traffic you see in your sim is appearing there? We need to know if the missing traffic is not sent via FSUIPC (and therefore cannot be displayed by EFB), or if there is a filtering problem between EFB server and the client.
  4. Mr. ATC

    No PMDG flightplan export anymore? REALLY?

    Why the hell you need those in your initial flight plan? You only can have an idea, but no confirmation about the procedure you will need to use before you received ATC clearance. It's better anyway to have a routing without SID/STARs saved in the company database, so you can use the same routing again at another day when you fly the same route (and wind conditions probably require different procedures/runways). It's not the "normal" case that you load a fligth plan into either the FMC or any other navgiation tool (like EFB is one) with the runways and procedures included. You are either oversimplifying or overestimating. And EFB2 doesn't claim to be a pre-flight planning tool, just to say.
  5. Mr. ATC

    AI Traffic Labels

    How do you think this can be determined? Especially as it is only artificial traffic.
  6. Mr. ATC

    AI Label Display

    Seems that the "-" of the MyTraffic traffic is not correctly interpreted. Does it show correctly in the sim if you display the labels (the ones of the sim, not EFB)? Could be a general sim issue or only related to MyTraffic (I don't know if the compatibility to P3Dv4.3 is assured). You might want to check this with the developer of MyTraffic.
  7. The coloring is depending on the tailwind component. You can see that in the example of RWY 09 in EHAM, where the runway gets colored blue. What the threshold values are, depends on your aircraft profile. You can set the corresponding threshold values in the profile editor > cautions with the values "max tail wind" and "caution level".
  8. Mr. ATC

    AI Label Display

    Marc, what sim and ai traffic add-ons do you use?
  9. Mr. ATC

    ILS Approach Missing [SOLVED]

    Jenzos (is this your real name? please sign your posts with your realname according the forum rules) Which is exactly "this error" in your case? Can you provide us a screenshot from it? And please also create a set of support files and upload them here for us to analyse.
  10. Mr. ATC

    Airport maps

    Darren, does this happen on specific airports? Then tell us what they are and which scenery you have installed for those. FLAi and Traffic Global does not affect the AFCADs.
  11. Mr. ATC

    EFB remote issue

    Mario, I can see that the client doesn't "see" the server. Just to confirm, both computers are in the same network? Can you see the server computer when going to the network folder (in windows explorer) on your client computer?
  12. Thanks Nuno Then it is due to the data file (whazzup) of IVAO not available. This happens quite regularly, although outtages are usually of a relatively short period. Unfortunately, IVAO does not provide alternative servers for this feed. So if the one is down, there is no data and hence EFB reports this.
  13. Mr. ATC

    EFB remote issue

    Did you check that the IP is no longer fixed? If yes, then upload again the support files please.
  14. Mr. ATC

    AIRAC on Network

    Ruedi, the problem is you don't read manuals. Please do so and everything will be fine. (Hint: refer to Manual 4 Database, chapter 2.4)
  15. Hello *NEWBIE* Let us know you name according the forum rules please. Are you using IVAO by chance?