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  1. Thanks Yes, I did go to the log file and saw the file/folder referenced but the strange thing is that file/folder does not exist anywhere in my system. It used to, but was deleted during the migration process. So the warning never goes away but I guess it does not matter. Dane
  2. Oskar, Like I said before you guys at AivlaSoft are amazing - I do wish more developers acted and reacted as professional as your team. I now have a "happy" database after installing v2.1.110.0 The only thing I got after the update was a report that there is 1 warning - not sure where to look for that or what to do about it - any thoughts on this would be helpful. Again - thanks to the entire team at AivlaSoft, Dane
  3. Thank you Oskar - like I said at the beginning I and others do appreciate your time given to answering your users questions/concerns. Your answer and background information goes a long way to making one understand what has taken place with ORBX as well as LM P3D. With that said I am going to keep my ORBX Central migration and not go back to FTX Central3 even though the EFB2 Database is never happy. Then I will patiently await the upgrade to EFB2 from you. Thanks again and best regards, Dane
  4. First let me say that AivlaSoft EFB2 were certainly left out of the loop in the beta testing of ORBX Central - bad on ORBX. Many users including myself have voiced our displeasure over this new ORBX release and how it has not been tested enough and certainly not with other add-on developers like yourselves. I do see the post from lonewulf47 (Oskar) that informs us of the situation. In principal I can see the reason why ORBX did what they did, only poorly handled. I went ahead unknowingly and migrated all of my 87Gb of ORBX data to the new Central system. I am now ready to go back to FTX Central3 but before I do that my one big question for AivlaSoft is - How long do you think it will be before you are able to figure out a fix for this current issue? - a week - a month???? Thank you for your awesome product and service. Regards, Dane
  5. I am just curious what causes three different navigation route plotting tools to be slightly different even though the routes are identical. I recently noticed that the degrees calculated by SkyVector, Little NavMap, and AivlaSoft EFB2 are off by a couple degrees - some of the legs are the same while others differ. Also note that for Little NavMap and AivlaSoft EFB2 I have both with AIRAC Cycle 1903, not sure what SkyVector uses or if this even matters. Anyone have any thoughts on this phenomena? See attached screenshots link of my plotted routes for: CZBB WC HUH KORS FHR BVS 3W5 EDIT - Links https://photos.app.goo.gl/SDwejagtdrFG962z5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/LtEhbYnqkiWtbWRR9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/JpD2Z6kqGZ5y79fs9
  6. First let me say that I have never been disappointed with AivlaSoft EFB-2 I use it all the time and would not fly without it. Having said that I am just curious if any thought was ever given to incorporating either OpenStreetMap or the map source that SkyVector uses. Your current map source is very good but it would also be advantageous if when planning a route you could see ground terrain objects, etc as well as airspace designation areas.
  7. I am relatively new to EFB so if I am missing something I apologize in advance. I searched the forum but did not see an answer to my question. My question is - Can EFB provide the Airport Traffic Pattern either on the airport diagram or somewhere else, maybe also with Runways Information? Look forward to your answer...
  8. I actually do start P3D and all my addons, utilities, etc. checked to Run as Administrator.
  9. Thanks to everyone for all your help. I will just have to work around my issue as there is no resolution for it, but that's OK.
  10. Thanks Urs for your reply. I had already done the testing by starting P3D with different aircraft and then starting the server and never once was there an error starting the server. It only happens with the A2A C172. However as per your request I have just done the testing again and the issue is still the same. I also started the server using a right mouse click and running as Administrator even though I had already checked that box in the Properties for the Server when I first installed EFB2 This problem certainly has a work around by simply starting the server first or starting P3D with a different aircraft then changing aircraft after the server is started. I am curious about the findings for the other person that posted saying he has the same problem - I believe it was Leodirk - please advise on his findings.
  11. I believe I have found the problem. If P3D is loaded before the Server and if the aircraft is my A2A C172 then there is a server error. If the Server is loaded after, then there is no error. My other aircraft are not a problem ONLY the A2A C172 - I only have the C172 from A2A so not sure about other A2A aircraft. Leodirk also posted that he had the same problem - is his aircraft an A2A? Could it be that A2A aircraft always default to the P3D Addon folder - D:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons While my other aircraft are in the default P3D directory - C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects Actually I just tested this out with another aircraft I have in the P3D Addon folder - D:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons - and it also caused a server error. EDIT.... Not sure as of yet about the other aircraft in the addon folder - but the A2A in the addon folder is for sure a problem.
  12. Thanks again Oskar, I have solved the Attachment Quota 100% by deleting attachments from some of my older posts. See attached two printscreens showing the Quota before and the Quota after. The Quota dashboard is found in "My Attachments" I will also reply to the original post regarding the server error as I believe I have found the issue...
  13. I had to downsize this error message to below 10kb to get it into this post attachment. Any thoughts would be appreciated. EDIT.... My attachment did not attach. I have now found the problem - the AivlaSoft Forum has an Attachment Quota - it seems that I have reached my limit. I went into "My Attachments" shown under my name in the top right corner and I can see a lot of old attachments - I am not able to delete them to clear them out. Can you help with this?
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