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  1. Admin, I'm confused between Patrick's reply and yours. Unless I read it wrong Patrick's link indicates that EFB is not available for XPlane 11. Yours seems to indicate the opposite. What am I missing? Thank You. Bill McCracken
  2. I am using EFB with P3D v 4.2. I've just started to look at XPlane 11. Is there an XPlane version of EFB? If so do I have to make another purchase for the XPlane version. Thank You. Bill McCracken
  3. Thanks for looking into this. I had done a Google search before creating this post. With the same results. I had already done what you suggested in your last paragraph. I was hoping someone on the forum had already had this issue and new how to do it. My Server is Windows 10 Pro an the Client is Windows 10. I'll keep poking around and may be I'll find some thing. Since this is possible with EFB I'm surprised no one has run into this. Thanks Again. Bill
  4. I'm having trouble trying to get permission to AppData folder on the server computer. To setup Display Unit on client. I tried to set the folder to sharing. It seemed to work. But I still can't access it. I tried to set sharing again. It says Stop Sharing. The OS is Windows 10 Pro. Thanks. Bill
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