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  1. Well, I value EFB2 more than fsaerodata so, after years of using both, I have reverted to Herve's approach. P3D actually loads faster now that I've discontinued fsaerodata. However, I agree with Marc that the fsaerodata was a bit more complete. That said, since 95% of my flightsim time is spent in top-end airliner addons that use Navigraph, the adjustment won't be as bad as I had hoped. I have Herve's 2006 cycle installed and EFB2 is happy now. I've been simming since the late 1980s, so I have learned that this is the way things go sometimes. I appreciate both developers, but I am forced to choose: I chose Aivlasoft. Take care.
  2. I too regret this incompatibility. I guess it is because fsaerodata has to be below all add-on airports since P3Dv4.5 HF 2 whereas it could override add-ons by being above them previously. Why not consider an option where fsaerodata's BGLs could be scanned as an option? I have been a long-time EFB user and this, as it seems it is for the OP, is a very bad turn of events for me.
  3. Hi Oskar, That seemed to have some effect - turning off fsaerodata. Now I see the STARs. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I did the YWCH fix and I will check on running without the FsAerodata files. Thank you.
  5. The files Server_201907101458.txt.zip Client_201907101457.txt.zip
  6. Thank you, Where do they get placed after running the process?
  7. No STARS showing for KDFW for the current AIRAC cycle from Navigraph.
  8. Thank you for your reply Oskar. If your mention of the rules is regarding my name, I have it in my signature. Does it not show for you?
  9. Hello, I have previously used the "send to tray" option on most past versions, but for about the last few updates, selecting this option doesn't "stick" and the server will start up and not go to the tray immediately. Please help. Thank you.
  10. In Settings -> Global -> OTS "Use Organize Track Systems" is checked. However, the client does not show the NATS on the map. The files are downloaded to documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Downloads, but nothing shows on the map or in the list in Utilities -> Organized Tracks. The output messages on the Server indicates that the files are downloaded and when I check in the folder they are there. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  11. Thank you Urs, So I guess there's nothing we can do on our end in the meantime? Jeff
  12. thanks guys, my problem remains as i do not have the fsl airplane.
  13. Daniel, it sounds like you are encountering this:
  14. I think its choking on some BGL. It seems like EFB2 may be stricter and yet we all have so many add-ons that claim P3Dv4 compatibility and yet have some issue. In this case, perhaps some duplicated navaid.
  15. Thank you Oskar, I re-ran everything without MalwareBytes or Defender running and behavior is not different. Thank you for working with me and perhaps Urs can make it better. Jeff
  16. Hello Oskar, Thank you. I understand. Perhaps both the OP and I are experiencing the same problem? Thank you, Jeff
  17. Both malwarebytes and windows defender. When would comservice.bin be installed?
  18. Hello Oskar, Thank you. I have already done this a few times earlier based on your reply to another user. Thus, regardless of whether I have it installed in Program Files, or elsewhere, the behavior is the same. It is the problem reported by the OP (error messages look identical save for language localization). Thank you, Jeff
  19. Hello, Windows 10 and Prepar3d 4.3 Jeff
  20. First, the Database Builder throws "Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" just after creating the navaids repository and before reading magdec.bgl The next error is: "Error: Could not find file D:\jeff\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Base\P3D4\comservices.bin" This is where this chokes each time. EFB2 unusable at the moment. EFB is not installed in the default path. Thank you, Jeff
  21. Urs, It seems that ImagineSim places the add-on.xml file directly wherever the user chooses to install the scenery. Further, the ImagineSim installer uses the command-line method of installing using the Add-on system such that it isn't really auto-discovered. So, since I believe your routine for obtaining scenery using this new method is to check the "Prepa3D v4 Add-ons" folder for add-on.xml files, you will not find the KATL add-on.xml file there. The only solution I can see is to place a "dummy" file or to use something like what the Lorby-Si addon manager does, which is to briefly use a temporary scenery.cfg file so that a tool like the DataProvider can be tricked into seeing the scenery. I can confirm that Lorby-Si's addon manager is able to trick the DataProvider into seeing KATL.
  22. Hi, The only tool that seems to reliably allow us to work with both scenery.cfg and the addon.xml system is the freeware Prepared3D V4 Add-on organizer from Lorby-Si. As this tool allows you to reorder layers and all of the other things you might want to use, I feel it is necessary to use it. What this has to do with the EFB is that when the <Scenery> element does not appear first in a scenery area, then the DataProvider won't be able to read the scenery. This becomes a problem with FSDreamTeam and older FlightBeam sceneries that use FSDreamTeam's Addon Manager. When the <Texture> element appears above <Scenery>, the scenery area won't be read and then the Display Unit won't show the correct scenery. I have already reached out to Lorby-Si to inquire why the elements are rearranged by the tool. My question here is, why not use addon-scenery.xml to harvest the scenery folders? Or, perhaps look for the scenery element in the Addon.xml file? I may be wrong how this all works, but I am reporting an issue with EFB 1.6.10 where sometimes the Data Provider won't read correctly using the addon.xml system. Thanks, Jeff
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