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  1. Thank you, I was under the impression it came with the updates. Menno
  2. strangely though, I am on the latest build 2.2.126 but I do not have this A20n profile.... only a320. Just installed MSFS but cannot link it to the FBW320. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Menno
  3. I guess a W10 update added new security options that needed to be set correctly again. Not sure which option made the difference, but it works again. Menno
  4. It's funny but overnight I seem to have run into the same problem. I have the DIsplayunit on a separate computer and it worked flawlessly. I was using 1.6.9. Then suddenly this week, the DIsplayunit cannot find the needed DataProvider file in the EFB directory although all links are correct and unchanged. I can set the path to Aivlasoft/EFB but it says it cannot find the requested file there. I updated to 1.6.10 but no improvement.
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