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  1. Unfortunately no. I have tried everything to use EFB but the flickering only goes away when I remove EFB. It doesn’t seem to be related to any of the other add one I use.
  2. I fly P3Dv4 and have noticed that a rectangular box (apx 3" by 1/4") flashes on and off on my screen after I load EFB v2. I slowly removed and then added the software I use while flying (Active Sky and Chaseplane). When I add back EFB the flickering box appears. It flashes on and off about every three to five seconds and appears in the same portion of the screen. When I remove EFB, the box disappears. Any ideas on what might be causing the flashing box? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Peter Meyerson
  3. Thanks Bruno. That took care of the problem! Pete
  4. I have a situation where while flying in P3d v4, a blinking black bar appears every few seconds on the screen. The uploaded picture shows part of the blinking bar. The bar measures at least 3”. When I close out EFB2, the bar doesn’t appear. Any suggestions about the problem? Moved by moderator to proper thread
  5. Thanks! I checked the other folder you listed and I believe the problem has been fixed. I am running the scenery updater now. Thanks again. Pete
  6. I have the most recent version of EFB. When I activated the up-to-date version, EFB recognizes FSX, but not P3D. Any suggestions on how I can use EFB on both simulators?
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