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  1. Thank you that worked a treat
  2. I have Orbx Edinburgh and have just updated Aivlasoft to the latest version, but I am having the same issue with no ILS. I am also running 1912 Airac. I have tried rebuilding the database twice but the ILS is still not showing up.
  3. Just to confirm on this end that all is working well Great job and thank you for fixing it, Steve
  4. No problem Thanks for looking into this Cheers Steve
  5. After running the data provider a few time I can see that it finds UK2000 in the P3Dv4 add-ons folder but it still shows the default airport on EFB The scenery is working fine in the sim, it has the correct runways etc Cheers, Steve
  6. @Urs, Thank you for the update, I no longer get the error @Dennis, do you mind telling me how you installed Uk2000 Manchester? It works perfectly for me in the sim but it still shows the default airport in EFB, I no longer get the error when I run the scenery config on the Data Provider but as soon as i select the airport in EFB i get the Runway assignment warning and it shows the default airport Thanks Steve
  7. Apologies, I will in future, Thank you Dennis, I guess your having the same issue as me? Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi, UK2000 have just updated their Manchester scenery for P3Dv4 but when I run the scenery updater in the data provider I'm getting the following error "Unknown Id 003E in Airport-Structure, Filename:E:\P3Dv4\Addon Scenery\UK2000\UK2000 Manchester Xtreme\scenery\EGCC_afx_UK2xTRM.bgl, Position 424" The scenery works fine in v4 but it's still showing the default airport on EFB, I have spoken to the developer and he said he is using P3Dv4 AFD files. Has EFB been updated to read v4 AFD files? Thanks.
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