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  1. Hi, thanks for your prompt replay. I am evaluating EFB 2.1 ( I own 1.6 version) and surely I will buy it in the next days. I copied the Navigraph Nav Data folders from EFB to EFB2 nav data folder and, as I see, the format is different from your picture. No .bin data May be Navgraph sell two different formats data? (EFB and EFB2)
  2. Traing to update nav data , the database builder say: no navigation data in this folder. Data are in default folder as per Navigraph style. Is due because is DEMO? Thanks Enzo Lofaro
  3. Hi to everybody, AI traffic is not visible (and the radio button is gray) in P3D V4 also if the AI page of EFB contain a list of flying aircraft. Thanks a lot for investigation. Enzon
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