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  1. Hi I create a flightplan and save it into PMDG and EFB format. If I use EFB to select and insert the SID & STAR is there any plans in future updates to include the ability to enable the changes to the flightplan within EFB to be exported to the PMDG format automatically or by selection Clive Alexander
  2. Thank you for the prompt. All resolved and clearly explained
  3. Hello When using EFB at KORD my ground map is showing VATSIM and symbols showing aircraft on the ground are red and not moving ( Does EFB connect to VATSIM automatically or do I have to connect to VATSIM using my ID Clive Alexander If I have to connect to VATSIM myself what are the red aircraft symbols?
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC but cannot see where I adjust FSUIPC. Please advise
  5. Hello When using EFB and wishing to observe VATSIM traffic what is the range from my position that I will be able to observe VATSIM traffic? Clive Alexander
  6. Thank you for the information I was a little confused regarding the manual I thought I had read that the manual for V1 was more comprehensive
  7. When viewing the individual legs inside the flightplan window how do I populate the following columns Alt, WindSpd, WindDir, OAT, GS, FOB, Time, FlightTime, Clive Alexander. P.S. Is there a more comprehensive manual with V1 than what I have in V2? If so, where can I obtain the manual
  8. At first I was not able to view the window that you had displayed and I was thinking that I may have to re-install EFB. Then I realised what had happened, I use a dual monitor setup. I was using the main EFB on my main monitor and my task bar was hidden, therefore I did not realise that the second window had opened on my second monitor but had been sent to my task bar which was out of view at that time. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It works now..ha..ha...sleep works wonders Thank you
  9. Hello I have a flightplan loaded into EFB2. I cannot find how to delete the flightplan. Everytime I load EFB the same flightplan exists. I have tried to select FPL button without any success. Please can some advise or assist. I have consulted the manuals but failed to find the answer. I have tried to delete the flightplan file from the ROUTES folder but the flightplan still loads into EFB2 Clive Alexander
  10. Thank you for your reply FSUIPC had come to mind after I had posted the question. I will have a look at the settings within FSUIPC and continue to investigate and learn how the data is being collected, used and shown in the specific programs Clive Alexander
  11. Hello I am using P3D, Traffic Global and EFB As I am reading the manuals for EFB and Traffic Global I require assistance to assist me in understanding the process of data being generated and diplayed When I look at the Traffic Monitor display I see a listing of airbourne aircraft and aircraft on the ground (my local airport EGBB) How many aircraft in the listing should I be seeing and where is the listing getting its data from, is it from Traffic Global database? Does Traffic Monitor only show data from aircraft that I have installed? As I have the Traffic Global database installed, which is a worldwide database, why do I only see a limited selection of airborne aircraft listed within the Traffic Monitor listing? Is there an option to select the range of aircraft displayed within Traffic Manager? Clive Alexander
  12. to start the program using one click instead of two
  13. Hello How can I start EFB program (EFB CLIENT) using one click without having to start EFB SERVER first Clive Alexander
  14. Thank you for your reply I understand your reply, however I have viewed a Youtube video as a tutorial for EFB and at time location 15 minutes 33 seconds it shows what I am trying to achieve but despite trying to leave the author a message I am unable to find out how he has managed to achieve the link to his Navigraph charts from within the Modules/ Library section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzHDzD3skQk&t=2981s Is it possible to offer any further assistance or advise
  15. Hello I have a subscription to Navigraph charts. How do I setup access to the charts within the Modules/Library system. I have read section 13 in the Operation Manual but cannot grasp the procedure´╗┐ Please can someone advise or give me further guidance Clive
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