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  1. Thank you for your reply FSUIPC had come to mind after I had posted the question. I will have a look at the settings within FSUIPC and continue to investigate and learn how the data is being collected, used and shown in the specific programs Clive Alexander
  2. Hello I am using P3D, Traffic Global and EFB As I am reading the manuals for EFB and Traffic Global I require assistance to assist me in understanding the process of data being generated and diplayed When I look at the Traffic Monitor display I see a listing of airbourne aircraft and aircraft on the ground (my local airport EGBB) How many aircraft in the listing should I be seeing and where is the listing getting its data from, is it from Traffic Global database? Does Traffic Monitor only show data from aircraft that I have installed? As I have the Traffic Global database installed, which is a worldwide database, why do I only see a limited selection of airborne aircraft listed within the Traffic Monitor listing? Is there an option to select the range of aircraft displayed within Traffic Manager? Clive Alexander
  3. to start the program using one click instead of two
  4. Hello How can I start EFB program (EFB CLIENT) using one click without having to start EFB SERVER first Clive Alexander
  5. Thank you for your reply I understand your reply, however I have viewed a Youtube video as a tutorial for EFB and at time location 15 minutes 33 seconds it shows what I am trying to achieve but despite trying to leave the author a message I am unable to find out how he has managed to achieve the link to his Navigraph charts from within the Modules/ Library section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzHDzD3skQk&t=2981s Is it possible to offer any further assistance or advise
  6. Hello I have a subscription to Navigraph charts. How do I setup access to the charts within the Modules/Library system. I have read section 13 in the Operation Manual but cannot grasp the procedure´╗┐ Please can someone advise or give me further guidance Clive
  7. I have adjusted the settings within P3D wich control how two monitors work together when one monitor is in full screen mode
  8. Thank you for your reply. I have looked in my Nvidea CP but cannot find any setting that will independantly adjust my second monitor to ignore full screen mode on my main monitor running P3D. I have researched Cathalyst and think it is software used with AMD setups. Maybe it will be best for me to set up a two computer and two monitors configuration
  9. Hello I am considering using EFB on a network setup but cannot make up my mind what configuration setup to use or as I am using an i7-7700 processor if there would be any advantage. I am interested in the setup configuration "One computer & two monitors". Is this not just the same as having EFB installed and putting the display onto a second monitor? As I am using a I7-7700 processor would there be any advantage in networking using two computers. I hope my questions make sense as I am a little confused at the moment Clive Alexander
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