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  1. Need to re-do your instructions: where, please, are these files located? I looked in Program(86)>Avisoft>Simplecam but nothing like this. Thanks! Doug
  2. The program asked me for my Key, so I entered it and all is well.!! Doug
  3. Geez..I'm sure Im overlooking something obvious, but I'm setting up views using the config and none of the camera positioning editing keys are responsive. Nada. Doug
  4. You bet...love this app. 99% of problem for me have been OTHER issues with computer. Doug
  5. SOLVED(Joystick Hat 'stuck') PMDG 737. All was working well with SimpleCam, but now when I load PMDG to my saved flight the interior selected view begins moving downward without stopping. I uninstalled and same thing happening. Doug
  6. Using FSX Steam, but set to FSX for 'standardxm' file and running PMDG----this worked initially when first installed sometime back. Now, I clicked on Reload Backup file....but numeric pad still does not resume previous programmed views. So, deleted assignments to start over. Going by the manual: set up view I want...and push Yes (for camera 1 for example) but pushing 1 only goes to some alternate view within the cockpit that I haven't assigned. Here is my Select path under FSX C:\Users\Jetline\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\Standard.xml Thanks for help Doug
  7. Urs! Solved my problem: I wasnbo't closing the green, horizontal keyboard box on the FMC after I 'keyboarded' an entry .. #Operator error. Thanks for your help.. Doug
  8. Urs, thanks for running the test. I've now checked a number of my PMDG 737-800 'saved' flights and the Cam works flawlessly when using the flight plan that is brought up in my FMC---ala company plans. However, the problem occurred again. From the taxi stand, and bringing up the FMC, I added one or two new waypoints. Then, I went to the PMDG menu and did a 'Save Panel'.....Then....I executed a "Load Saved Panel" in the same PMDG menu.....THEN...Back to the cockpit to test the Cam. Nada. The PMDG Save feature within the FMC doesn't like my setup, or the Steam setup----I can't even activate any of the Keyboard commands normally associated with FSX after saving within the PMDG menu through the onboard FMC. If I do a regular Save and Confirm within the FMC without going to the PMDG Save and Load feature....then all is good. It is not a major, major thing for me as I rarely save to the PMDG Panel menu, but would certainly appreciate any insight and direction. Thanks for getting back. Doug
  9. Urs, I'm using PMDG 737-800 winglets via Steam. Thanks Doug
  10. I can enter Company flight plan and SimpleCam works. I make changes to the flightplan in FMC, then save it.... and SimpleCam doesn't work. Doug
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