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  1. Hi Urs It was not 100% solved while the window was not shown With the confirmation option deselected it works because the window is not necessary But anyhow I did solve this issue for 100% While updating to P3D 3.4 the client update only is not sufficient You need to update the content part as well After that SimpleCam worked even without reinstalling it Note: This solved similar issues I had with GSX as well
  2. Hi Urs Today I found out that the software is working ok, but only the popup window to save views does not show. If I deselect the confirmation option in the configuration tool then the views are properly saved.
  3. Hi Urs I emailed standard.xml and removedkeys.txt to you Thanks for your assistance
  4. Hi Urs FS is running again I copied a fresh standard.xml to my P3D In the configuration tool I deleted the key assignments as per the button Still the same result only the saving part is not working the rest of the software works well P3D version 3.3 still working
  5. Hi Urs Thanks for your reply I have to get back on this later. Just removed all fs hardware because the room will be refurbished. I also copied the standard.xml from the working version P3D 3.3. No luck there
  6. Hi Urs Thanks for the quick reply, however due to private problems I could not react earlier. No changes were made but the upgrade to P3D 3.4 I immediately lost both Simplecam and GSX (Just the popup menus) I see some issues in the forums with Simconnect but I also use EFB and that's working ok. Any ideas
  7. A clean install means you loose all addons configurations planes etc. SimpleCam works for me with the saved configuration but I cannot save any changes This happens after todays P3D v3.4 update
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