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  1. I'm experiencing the same problem flying offline using both the local and remote clients. I see traffic on the ground and occasionally traffic in the air but not anything close to what traffic monitor is showing. Flying out of KLAX there is tons of traffic using UTL. BTW, I don't recall this happening before last update. I think that was Build 54 server and 71 client. Richard
  2. Yes it was a matter of making the the name upper case. Thanks ... Richard
  3. I'm trying to use the AirlineShort feature in the client but it doesn't seem to work with UTL aircraft. Am I setting it up properly. Note the American and Southwest flights in the attachment. Thanks .. Richard
  4. Found it, thanks for you quick support and a great product. Richard
  5. I have the client installed on both the local machine (same as server) and a remote client. I have traffic checked on the MISC tab on both machines but I don't see any AI traffic. This did work under V1.1 and there were no firewall or other changes between versions. Is there something else I need to configure? Thanks ... Richard
  6. The ground chart seems to be oriented North. Is there a way to orient the chart to the a/c current heading. Thanks ... Richard
  7. Simbrief gives you a list of formats it creates plans for and I just click on the ones I want to download. They all go to the default download folder for my browser. At any rate I bit the bullet and bought the PFPX and Topcat bundle and now I'm spending day learning it and trying to work it into my planning routine. Overkill for some of the GA flying I do but it does provide extremely accurate planning for airline flights. Richard
  8. I do use Simbrief to create flight plans that are loaded into EFB. Its great for calculating fuel and time enroute among other things. However, unless I'm missing something, it doesn't create an entry for ProATCX and each flightplan that Simbrief creates has to be manually copied to the correct directory. Of course I could use batch flies to do this but EFB 1.1 did it all automatically. I understand that EFB can't create flightplans for every possible aircraft but I would like to see continued support for the ones already available in 1.1. Maybe I should use EFB 1.1 for flightplan creation and just point EFB 2.0 to the 1.1 routes directory for the actual flight. Richard
  9. I am disappointed that EFB can't export flightplans. It was my starting point for flight planning. I could create a flightplan in EFB and fly it today using PMDG and tomorrow using Aerosoft and the plan would be available in PRO-ATC as well as ActiveSky....Bummer.. Richard
  10. I have been using EFB for years and love it as well as depend on it for flight planning and monitoring. I have DataProvider and DisplayUnit both running on the same computer as P3D v4 and it works great. I can see AI traffic. I recently added DisplayUnit to the laptop that runs ActiveSky Weather and Clouds but I cannot see AI traffic on that computer. It tracks my location, airports and taxiways show up but no AI traffic. I confirmed I have AI/Multiplayer Traffic clicked under Charts -> Traffic. I still see AI traffic on the primary computer. I tried starting DisplayUnit only on the remote computer but still no AI traffic. Is it possible to have AI traffic on multiple computers, including the one where P3D and DataProvider are running? Any ideas.. Thanks ... Richard
  11. Is there any chance of getting a plugin for the new MadDog 64 bit aircraft. MDR format would be great but even if it was in P3D .pln format that would be better than having to copy it from the flightplan folder in P3D. Thanks ... Richard
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