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  1. Hello! I just tried the new version of the EFB and wanted to say THANK YOU for the new ATC Ribbon and the EFB in general! I always fly with it online on VATSIM and I love the new Ribbon - it is highly practical! Keep up the good work! Thank you
  2. Hello! I never had any problems with EFB recognizing the ILS at the FlyTampa LOWW scenery... today I updated to the latest EFB and now I dont get ILS Approaches. I already have read thru the Forum here and that this problem occurs to others too. But is this already in a fixing process or do we have to do something as a workaround? (I dont think it is scenery related as I never had a problem with older versions of EFB) Thank you!
  3. I will add to the good words here that I love the way EFBv2 is designed. One of the best user interfaces out there. Keep up the good work! Thank you
  4. After buying the license the problem is gone.
  5. Hello! I want to insert the SID into my flightplan from EDDF to LOWW but the "SET FPL" stays grayed out. Inserting the Arrival at LOWW was no problem. The sim is not running when I trie it. Please see screenshot.
  6. Hello! I had the same problem, I configured the PORT 13 with an outbound rule and finally was able to create the database. But everytime I start the server now it asks me about activating the license and enter my name and mail... I use the Demo at this time. Do you guys also have to enter it on every start?
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