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  1. I have another problem. When I have to tune 124.225 it gives me 124.30 and I am not able to connect to the controller.. If I tune 124.22 I am able to connect to the controller. This problen occured after a reinstall of P3D v4.5. How can I correct this? regards Alex
  2. Yes it does😀 Thank you as wel for taking the time and effort to help me. Kind Regards Alex
  3. Thank you very much for your support.


    kind regards



  4. Great! Thank you very, very much😀 I had the regional currency settings set to a comma rather than a decimal character. So changed the comma into a decimal character and all is normal now. kind regards Alex
  5. I appreciate your answers but I afraid I can't make it clear what my problem is. I can,t select a frequency because the set button is not clickable. The button remains grey. When I double click the only visible freq (left side of the Radio panel 122.800. it is transferred to above but the freq is then shown as 122800,000. Could this be the cause of not displaying active FIR's and Freq's? May I ask what sreen-capture Utility you are using? kind regards Alex Screenshot - 21-3-2019 , 16_18_02.pdf Client_201903210847.txt.zip Server_201903210847.txt.zip
  6. Perhaps this is of any help. Server and client on the same PC but different disks. On the radio panel, the set button remains grey and is not clickable. Double on the only visible freq (122.800) in the right upper corner returns the freq as 122800,00. I can not send files because of the limitation 0.23mb.
  7. Yes, the files are there. I opened EFB v1 and EFB v2 at the same time. EFB v1 shows the active fir's ctr's. EFB v2 shows only active tfc but no active fir's or ctr,s
  8. I am sure you find me annoying but installed ny registered version of EFB v1 again there I can see the active FIR's!. So why can't I see teh active fir's in EFB v2? I tried a lot. My next step will be buying a new samsung 1tb ssd install Windows 10 on that SSD and reinstall all programs I have on my computer. Perhaps EFB v2 will work then as advertised? kind regards Alex
  9. I see this ebntry in the FSUIPC install log: "Attempt to set the ACL entries for Modules access permissions failed, error = 1332" Could this be the cause of not seeing active ATC and freq's on the client? FSUIPC5 Install.log FSUIPC5.log
  10. Colors are default. The active com freqs are not displayed as well. Must have something to do with each other. Does the EFB needs servinfo.dat? regards Alex
  11. I asked support (Urs) about this problem, but he was not able to help me out. I hope someone encounterd this problem as well and can help me. EFB works great except for The active controllers and FFIR boundaries are not shown on the clients map and radio screen. (see attached file) Aircraft are visible. Simulator : P3Dv4.4 EFB Server EFB Client: 2.0.78 on networked computer EFB is licensed version Vatsim vPilot Navigraph dat OS: Windows 10 home RAM: 16Gb regards Alex Meijer
  12. Attached the logfile. It took 49 minutes for the verifying part.


    1. Alex J Meijer

      Alex J Meijer

      Created a support file which is attached.


  13. Takes more than 1 hour. I did an uninstall/install. No luck. System is Windows 10. Prepar 3D v4, RAM 16 Gb, I7-8700 3.2 Ghz. Prepar on 2TB SSD. EFB v2 on 500Gb SSD. ORBX scenery. A month ago everything worked fine. 


  14. The verifying of airways data and procedures data is very, very slow. How come? Moved to proper forum by Admin
  15. I second that. Thank you Lonewulf47!
  16. Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply. The question is, am I missing a line below the aircraft line? In the manual from oct 2015 Section 5 page 2, there is a line: Online Network - Yellow box with disabled in it - and check. I don't have that line on my route setup page. See the attached file. sincerely Alex
  17. On the Route setup page below Aircraft I miss the Online Network disable/enable check line. I have version 1.6.8 installed. What is wrong? I have version 1.6.10 now installed. Same "problem".
  18. Hello all, Perhaps I missed something when reading the manual but I am unable to check the Enroute checkbox under Display Unit/Settings/Charts. The ATIS, Clearance Airport Terminal and VFR are checked. Is it possible the get the Enroute box checked? thanks in advance Alex
  19. I have a question about how to get the Navigraph data into the EFB data provider. EFB Data Provider is installed on J: EFB Display Unit is on second computer. Prepar3D v3.3.5 is also on J: (there is no EFB folder in the Prepar3D folder. According the installation and configuration manual, page 10 it should have) Navigraph program is also on J: All works fine except the fact that the Dataprovider has Airac Cycle 1310. How can I get the latest Navigraph Airac Cycle into the Dataprovider? The Navigraph FMS Data Manager has EFB in it with the latest Airac Cycle 1608. thanks in advance Alex
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