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  1. Problem solved. The profile had a bad format name ("Aa20n" instead of "a20n"). Just edited the .xml file
  2. Hi guys, I've reinstalled server and client and after that I don't have A320Neo (fs2020) profile anymore. Can someone help me?
  3. But I have never experienced flight plan transfert from efb to Aerosoft A320 in P3d. I'd like to continue to program my mcdu and have no influence in EFB and viceversa. I use to set first mcdu and then set the same settings in efb. If I set a DIR TO in my mcdu then I go to my efb and set the same. Now in FS2020 is it different?
  4. Hi guys and happy new year! Today I performed my 1st flight with a320n flybywire in fs2020 and efb2 (fsuipc 7.0.2 free version). When I set SID or STAR in EFB it modified my MCDU in the aircraft too. Is it a new feature? Is it possible to disable it? Maybe I could like if my entries in mcdu take effect in EFB but not viceversa. Can you help me? Best regards Fabrizio
  5. The ATC Ribbon is what I missed much in v2, very happy you guys has listened to many of us! I can't fly without Aivlasoft EFB Thank you very much!
  6. Thank you, it seems to be a big step forward Fabrizio
  7. I opened this thread then I went on holiday and I didn't read the other reply. I did it now and I'd like to know if in the meantime something has changed in the direction hoped by me, Bob, Ben and many online flyiers. My demo is expired and I'm still considering buying it. Thank you for your attention Regards
  8. I didn't know that app, thank you very much! About v2, yep everyone has his own preferencies. I only asked if an update could bring back something present in v1 and now no more...
  9. I'm trying the new V2, great job but I really miss the best feature that is present in v1. I'm talking about the Atc frequencies ribbon on the top. I'm an ivao flyier and I really love that. Knowing all the frequencies you'll have to switch during the flight is the feature I love the most and hovering with mouse gave you the atis, active rwy and info. Now you have to open a window and it's not the same especially for who, like me, that uses EFB on a second pc, because I have to act too many times with the other keyboard and mouse. Maybe an undockable window could help if the old way to show frequencies can't go back. Does the developers team think some changes will come in this direction? Thanks for your support and attention
  10. Routefinder is out of service. I tried Vatroute but it didn't find any route for LICJ/LIMF.
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