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  1. Ah bingo! I was importing it in from the saved flight plans not the way above as you have described. Just did it your way and now working. Appreciate the help and good way to finish off 2020. Cheers for the help and happy NY!
  2. Sorry for late reply. I have added the ATC call sign as requested as per pic and still get the issue sorry to say. Not sure exactly were to find the call sign in routing panel so have included the whole screenshot of EFB.
  3. FD480 - Created in Simbrief and then imported in. Client_202012280930.txt.zip Server_202012280930.txt.zip
  4. Yes it does have the call sign and shows in the efb map. Did 3 flights today. Still shows two aircraft and gives traffic alerts with the grey circle.
  5. Thanks. This does not occur on the ground though.... The green box only shows once in the air. Having that option on the ground will also assist? Also any update on the duplicate planes? I'm guessing it wasn't in the update?
  6. Can you please advise were that button is? Also I note the new update and have installed it. I'm guessing the above issue fix wasn't included in this update as it is still continuing.
  7. Good to see this issue isn't just me. Came on here to report the same issue re the secondary aircraft (mine but delayed so EFB was thinking it was a second aircraft). Be nice to get it fixed. The radio ribbon is definitely a great step forward and glad it was reintroduced (even after you said no initially). Well done for listening to your customers. It does tend to dissapear on the odd occasion though and not sure how to get it back?
  8. Does Aivlasoft EFB V2 show the extended frequencies in the radio panel? VATPAC uses extended freq's quite alot and sometimes get caught out. V1 only shows unicom once you pass the initial frequency area however when extended you don't know its still active. Just wondering if V2 fixes this? Australian positions for example say ML_CENTRE operates in a certain area as shown in EFB. They can extend this area to other areas such as Adelaide etc which is usually operated by another sector. On the V1 map it will show the intital ML_CENTRE on the frequency table but once you fly out of tha
  9. Difference between supported and not available for purchase. Dissapointed that it cant even be available for purchase and not sure why it cant be and just not have any updates. I'll let my mate know and he can find something else.
  10. Hi, friend would like to buy v1 of EFB. He prefers that format after the trial. Is this possible please, if so how do we go about purchasing that version. He doesn't want v2. Thanks in advance.
  11. Maybe because v1 is no longer supported and will no doubt be outphased!
  12. Lonewulf47 think you read my post wrong in regards to early development. Read it again it was talking about v1 which IS an earlier development of the program.
  13. Agree with what your saying, unfortunately the way the developer ended his last post then closed it doesn't hold us much hope. I think when the same themed post keeps getting brought up by different people you need to change your opinion as a developer. After all if customers are asking to bring back an option in a early development isn't that a good thing? Means you got it right the first time and we like the product for what it had and build on it. Having numerous windows isn't obviously cutting it as you can see in all the same posts. Im an avid fan of EFB, hell even put many friends onto i
  14. Agree mate. I stopped coming back until now when I saw your post in a face book post. I recall the previous topic stated that online users are a low %...incorrect. Just need to look at vatsim etc online numbers to see that it is a incorrect statement. This isn't the first time this issue re atc has come up for the new version either. I do recall I posted similar and a few others. If nothing is going to be looked at then users go elsewhere.
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