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  1. O/K, many thanks, I realized that to ask for a 650nm radius was probably not possible and yes I also guessed that EFB was not useable as a Controller Radar but anyway I just thought it was worth a shot. Still using the EFB as it is a super tool. Kevin.
  2. P3Dv3.4 / Server v2.2 build #126 - Client 2.2 build #126 / Network / Custom / Licensed. I fly online with my German Flight Sim Club using a private server. I see my companions aircraft when flying however only within a radius of aprx 20nm. Our flights usually concern ca. 20 pilots some of which, myself included, act as on route controllers. Is there any way at all that the visibility radius can be extended. I am looking at a radius of 650nm. Kevin
  3. Answer found. Mouse Right button click, opens a menu to do various actions.
  4. Win10 Home/P3Dv3.4 / Server v2.2 build #126 - Client 2.2 build #126 / Network / Custom / Licensed. I have with some success used Navigraph Charts to save in my ESB Library (??/EFB/EFBClient/Library) by using the Microsoft Print to PDF selection. Everything works ok however when looking at the documents in in the Client/DOC module some of the charts, particularly STAR/SID charts which display horizontal in Navigraph appear vertical in the DOC Module making them hard to read. I have tried rotating in Navigraph but the exported result is still vertical. Is there any way to rotate these in the DOC Module ? Kevin
  5. Many thanks for your reply. I was a little confused with online requirements but I think that I have solved my problem. In short our Flight Sim Club uses a program called Swift for online connection service. When I used this it seems to function o/k but with a sighting restriction of about 20nm. This however is no problem. Apart from that I find ESB2 a completely super tool and will only recommend it to my fellow flyers. Once again many thanks. Kevin.
  6. P3Dv3.4 / Server v2.2 build #126 - Client 2.2 build #126 / Network / Custom / Licensed. I fly online with my German Flight Sim Club using a private server. I would like to see my companions aircraft when flying. How do I do this in EFB2. Sorry but I am not very computer savvy. Kevin
  7. Both FSX and EFB (DataProvider and DisplayUnit) are installed on the same computor. FSInn is also installed on the same computor and has the IP Address - which is the server address of our Online Flying Club (FSC.ev). Communicating between FSX and FSInn is no problem using this IP Address - EFB at the moment is in the Trial mode. Sorry that I cannot be more informative but my PC savvy is a little bit lacking. BTW. EFB functions perfectly in the Server Mode 'local' Regards, Kevin.
  8. I am having some problem in connecting for online flying within a Private group as follows. Connecting FSX to FSCopilot/FSInn for online flying via. Private Server. Connection in FSX ok to server EFB v Test Installation DataProvider:- Settings/TCP Communication - TCP Port No. 51747 / Server Mode / Any. SimConnect:Status 'active' DisplayUnit:- Settings/TCP Communication - TCP Port No. 51747 - Server Mode / Remote, Server Name or IP Address - / Check name - Ok...Hostname found. Charts/Traffic - AI/Multiplayer Traffic checked and Online Traffic also checked. Display Unit shows Connecting DataProvider - Green Loading button shows in Left Bottom Corner - shows in Right Bottom Corner. DataProvider hangs and hangs and hangs ! System / Switch off. Do you really want to quit - Yes. Disconnecting - Please wait.... Disconnected. Restart from Display Unit. Innitialising EFB System Same results as before. How long must I wait or can anyone help ? Kevin.
  9. I am a little puzzled as to where EFB gets the data for Mag Var and ILS Course. I rework many FSX airports to bring them up to the latest charts (Jepp) and, after introducing them into FSX and updating the Scenery Library I find a discrepancy between my airports and those shown in the EFB Approach charts. EFB System - DataProvider has been updated to the Simulator Scenery. AIRAC is Navigraph 1605. For example:- The latest? chart 15 Nov 2013 (Jepp) for EDNY (Friedrichshaven) indicates a Mag Var of 2.0°E and the ILS06 course is 058° / ILS24 is 238°. These are also in my EDNY developed airport. In EFB the approach chart indicates Mag Var 1.1°E whilst for the ILS06 the course is shown as 056° and for ILS24 it shows as 236°. I am only using the Trial Version but find this to be an excellent tool and very friendly to use but maybe someone could shed some light on these 'discrepencies'. Kevin.
  10. Concerning the Majestic Flight Plans. This small programm is a help for converting flight plans to the Majestic FMS data. I quote from Bernd Laass - 'This is a helper for those who are using the Majestic Dash8 and are looking for something that makes it easier to get flightplans into the FMS. Especially more complex plans with many waypoints are a real challenge to one's patience when typing them in to FMS directly. The program is a hobby project and so for sure it is not perfect. FPRConverter currently accepts input from Aerosoft's Flightsim Commander (I use version 9.6) XML output or just text input as waypoint lists or routings as they are available from i.e. RouteFinder or similar.' end quote. Google FPRConverter. Hope this helps Kevin.
  11. o/k many thanks, will just have to wait for EFB v2. Kevin
  12. Any chance of an Export Module for the Majestic Dash 8Q400 aircraft. This airplane is a stunner ! Kevin.
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