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  1. Hallo, please check the server manual for this. Folder for specific AFCAD files. For details about these files, please refer to “Specific AFCAD files” in the document “4 EN Database.pdf”.
  2. Hello, its possible I use the following procedure: Create a pseudo airport (tower only) with equivalent (Waypoint) coordinates and name. To do this, I use the "Airport Design Editor" (free download). Write the now generated name.bgl file to ....AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\AFCAD. A update of "AivlaSoft EFB2 Server" must be performt.
  3. is it possible to display the active .simpleCam file in about
  4. Hello, i watch the same as Andreas. I use: C:...Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\AIRAC\Navigraph FMS Data Cycle 1905/R1 EFB2.1 Server and Client (build #106) For your examination of this case, I will send you from PMDG the SISTARS EGLL.txt file with Navigraph FMS Data Cycle 1905/R1 maybe that will help a little. File deleted by Admin, according to the forum rules.
  5. Thanks Jonas, I found the cause, it is PROATC/X. In their logfile, an FPL can be seen loading into the UPLINK Directory during this Time.
  6. I got an unexpected UPLINK, this is not the first time. My Question now is, who triggers this???. My Sim runs with PROATC/X, EFB v2 and Prepare3D v4.4 with FSUICP5 v5.15.1 all on Current Status. With OK it continues, but the active Waypoint is lost, I have to get myself back into the FLP with "DIR TO." The Approach and Landing in VHHX was without any Problems. Client_201904091807.txt.zip Server_201904091807.txt.zip
  7. Hi Oskar, the title was a mistake OK, but the wrong taxiway could be a problem with my own change (not for RWY) . I have removed my RCTPxxxx.bgl And now everything is as it should be. Apologies for my Request.
  8. Hi Oskar, The cargo pilots thank you very much.
  9. Hi Oskar, A further investigation revealed see attachment. Missing WTP Analyse.txt
  10. Hi, I'm missing NAV WTP (DEM 116.30) the only ID for WTP is airport (airfield) at Papua New Guinea about 7900 nm away from my flightplan. My Flightplan is a copy from PROATCX to EFB (EDDF->KIAD) see Attachment. PROATCX recognizes WTP (DEM 116.30). EDDF_KIAD.txt
  11. Hi Akila thanks for this basic situation. I use PROATC/X for this purpose. And with this data EFBv2 FP will be served. This is my way to get more realistic for DEPART and APPROACH. EFBv2 looks very nice and gives a good overview of the entire flight. Same times i use live charts from (simlink) NavigraphChartsDesktop, its also a good reverence how correct works PROATC/X.
  12. Hi Tivec, EFB Client Version 2.0 (build #74) maybe this helps: Color - World map - Route - Route airway ident background
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