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  1. Hi Oskar, The cargo pilots thank you very much.
  2. Hi Oskar, A further investigation revealed see attachment. Missing WTP Analyse.txt
  3. Hi, I'm missing NAV WTP (DEM 116.30) the only ID for WTP is airport (airfield) at Papua New Guinea about 7900 nm away from my flightplan. My Flightplan is a copy from PROATCX to EFB (EDDF->KIAD) see Attachment. PROATCX recognizes WTP (DEM 116.30). EDDF_KIAD.txt
  4. Hi Akila thanks for this basic situation. I use PROATC/X for this purpose. And with this data EFBv2 FP will be served. This is my way to get more realistic for DEPART and APPROACH. EFBv2 looks very nice and gives a good overview of the entire flight. Same times i use live charts from (simlink) NavigraphChartsDesktop, its also a good reverence how correct works PROATC/X.
  5. Hi Tivec, EFB Client Version 2.0 (build #74) maybe this helps: Color - World map - Route - Route airway ident background
  6. Hi Timonier, its not a special one like SidStarz. I do not use AI-Traffic with a extra program. My Color-Setting mma.darken.colors.bin see Attachment. // AivlaSoft EFB v2.x - www.aivlasoft.com // Traffic labels assignments // Caution: Unqualified changes herein can cause severe program errors! [Ground] Line1={2} {3} Line2={6} -> {7} Line3={5} [ZoomGround] Value=15 Line=3 [World] Line1={2} {3} Line2=A{10}ft {12}kts Line3={6} -> {7} [ZoomWorld] Value=15 Line=3 [Airline] Shorten=True SetBlankPrivateGa=True [AirlineShort] Airwave=AW American=AM American Pacific=AP Emerald Harbor Air=EA Global Freightways=GF Kenmore Air=KA Landmark=LK Orbit=OT Pacifica=PC Soar=SR World Travel=WT mma.darken.colors.bin
  7. Hi Urs, i think i can input into this white field like an text editor, if this not right please tell me how handle this attachment function. Sorry can not upload a picture (34 kb) this way, maybe you must delete same of my pictures.
  8. Hi, i'm not able to input a entry in the attachment field for any manual and document. What do i wrong. I have no find a description about this. Also the buttons "Open file in its native application" and "Save Attachment" greyed out.
  9. Hi Oskar, I use Navipraph AIRAC Cycle 1809 V1. The Stock Airport LFLL C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery\0601\scenery\APX49150.bgl has named the runways 18R/36L, 18L/36R. After EFBV2 Database Builder (without correction) from top to down 17R - 17L 35R - 35L false The ctrl + alt + A shows 17R - 17L 35L - 35R true -- This is the correction value.
  10. Hi, i have the same wrong named Runways. I Used the Database Builder with Enhance / Update Runways to correct the wrong runway name. I hope this is right done.
  11. Excuse me, i have not reported a problem, it was only a info to cubpilot.
  12. Hi, P3DV4.3 (FSX maybe ?) do not check if the airplane is correct for this airport but EFBv2 do it. Example: Airplane: PMDG 747 Airport: KTNP P3DV4.3: KTNP EFBv2: KTRM is the nearest airport for the 747 Airplane: Mooney Acclain Airport: KTNP P3DV4.3: KTNP EFBv2: KTNP
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