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  2. have a look at your services : set these services to automatic : Function Discovery Provider Host Function Discovery Resources SSDP Discovery UPNP Device Host
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  4. XPUIPC is known for having this particular network problem of changing the service address. All I know is once I matched the addresses the database sync worked.
  5. Hi Peter, indeed, they have removed the 'homegroup'. I suggest to google for 'windows networking' or similar because this problem seems to be related to standard Windows handling, but not to EFB internal issues. Maybe this one is a good starting point: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-setup-and-manage-windows-10-homegroup-local-network
  6. Thanks Alberto. Good to know you could have fix it.
  7. No, because it is not needed (if all works properly). So we should investigate why this flight did not detect touchdown and therefore it did not automatically close the flight plan. Usually the flight plan is then available in the EFB library, and therefore in the EFB 'Library' folder as a pdf-file (it's also possible to have it as a CSV-file).
  8. Why do you point to XPUIPC.ini? EFB does not use XPUIPC.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find a solution! I just built my new P3D-PC and it seems like "homenetworks" have been removed from Windows. I have connected both PCs via Network and Username/Password, still Client and Server do not connect. How can I solve this problem? Thank you very much, Peter
  10. Fix it. The UDP Ports where different. Thank you. Alberto
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  12. That's great! If you have their permission to use the file, do you consider adding this as a feature? We really need local time format as an annotation to the UTC because it's being used in airport charts, information and flight logs. I don't think something went wrong in this case, I wasn't monitoring the flight because I was sleeping during the long haul flight. However, the flight duration at 10:20 is normally the flight time from Seattle to Paris in the real world so I don't think it triggered time compression. When I woke up everything was perfectly fine, I have noticed this issue at the time of on blocks. It indeed recorded the time of touch down (15:03z) but there is no way to complete the flight or export the log. Do you have a manual switch or short-cut method to complete a flight? I have read the manual but it doesn't cover the instructions.
  13. Of course! Makes all kinds of sense and the update procedure has been noted. Many, many thanks. Really appreciate your prompt response. ...Lloyd
  14. I had the same issue and this worked for me. Find your XPUIPC.ini file. It should be in the Plugins folder. Open that file and look at the Server Address. Make sure it's the same as XP's address which you can find in the settings menu under NETWORK. Hope this helps
  15. Brilliant - many thanks for your help - all running smoothly now! Matthew
  16. Hello ??? (Please observe the forum rules) Please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", page 23 "Weather".
  17. You don't have to do this manually. It will not work. If the system works properly you don't have to fiddle with it. BTW, please observer the forum rules.
  18. Hi Lloyd, thank you for the logfiles. You have not yet updated the Server. Please restart the Server so it can detect the latest update. It must also be v2.1 build #106.
  19. Could be. I don't have had a look at this. Of course I would have to ask the people at FSRealtime first. Usually all works automatically. But here it obviously went something wrong which I have never seen before. I can see on the sidebar that most probably the sequencing of the waypoints did not properly work or something else happened (e.g. Active WPT is empty, Dist=2.0km, Time 23:54) These values are completely wrong. Did you use time compression? Was it a regular flight with a duration of 10h:29m without any interruption. Did you experience any other 'anomalies' while in flight?
  20. Hi there - many thanks for getting back to me - I have now checked the apt.dat file and it does not seem to include these lines. Are the ones you mentioned the ones I need to add for KSEA? Many thanks Matthew
  21. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Thank you for the support files. I can see that the Server cannot connect with X-Plane using UDP. This might be due to different port numbers. EFB is using port 49000 for sending data, and 49001 for receiving data. Please start X-Plane, then select "Settings", "Network". On the lower right you see the port-numbers which are used by X-Plane. Do they agree with the numbers which are used by EFB? Another reason could be the Windows Firewall which might not allow the connection between them.
  22. Is there a weather overlay available for the moving map? If not are there any plans to incorporate one in a future update?
  23. Sorted, not zoomed in quite enough.
  24. Both airways buttons on the client map are greyed out, have I missed a setting somewhere?
  25. Server_201904241556.txt.zipClient_201904241556.txt.zip
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