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  2. Hello! Earlier today I flown into EKCH, where i know that 22R has an ILS (CAT III for that matter), but i can only see the 3, 5 and 8 mile visual finals and the VOR/DME Approaches Why could this be? I have the FlyTampa EKCH installed, but it worked just fine 2 days ago, and i haven't done anything to my sim - Albert Janssens
  3. Will do that, thanks for the hints ... Edit: While i was searching for files to back up (as i don't know if everything will be deleted while uninstalling), i stumbled on a file called "clientsettings.txt". And i cached my eye on the "portnumber"-setting. So i thought, i change this portnumber to the one from the server, will it not work, then simply un- and reinstall. Guess what: it works without uninstall and reinstall
  4. Thanks. Today I ran the EFB2 Server and created a new profile. Now it is working. It has dawned on me that since I had installed the PMDG NGXu series I had not created a new profile. So obviously this has made the client now have the PMDG NGXu details. I am sorry to have troubled you with this. Regards, Mike Houghton
  5. Then most likely the air-file name does not agree with what you have assigned to the profile.
  6. Thanks for the reply. yes I can . I have tried creating a new profile B737-800NGXu and although this appears on the list of profiles there is no green light and it still says default profile in the status box on the Client state.
  7. Last week
  8. Please never try to install any software just "over" existing if not explicitly allowed. So in short: use the standard Windows uninstaller an reinstall the program. As a normal network requirement port numbers have to be identical in any case. Otherwise no communication between Server and Client is possible. What you did is to install a Client which had not the same build numbes as the Server. In this specific case it was just a bad idea as we had to change the port number for some compatibility reasons right getween the two builds. I would strongly recommend to download both newest builds from our Server: https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html and un- and reinstall both Server and Client. It's very quickly done and the best way to have identical builds installed. For future updates it is important that ALWAYS BOTH SERVER AND CLIENT must be updated if prompted so. Never update one component and delay updating the other. This will avoid any further conflitcs.
  9. Or i can change the portnumber of the client from the remote PC to the same of the client of the main PC, then change the portnumber on the server to match those of both clients. But is this OK for future updates? Hope this is not to complicated
  10. So now the client on my main PC is not starting, probably because i changed the portnumber on the server to be able to communicate with the client on my remote PC. (see my earlier reply). I can not change the portnumber on the client if not running. So i presume a new download and reinstall of the client on the main PC should resolve the problem i guess? => Do i need to uninstall before reinstalling a new client on the main PC or is an install over the existing client OK?
  11. Hi Michael, in the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", on page 92 you can see the Profile Editor's dialog. Can you see the "Create new" button on the lower left side on your screen? Maybe the screen resolution of your monitor does not fulfill the minimum requirements?
  12. When I run Aivlasoft EFB2 with PMDG v4.5 and the PMDG 737-800NGXu it comes up with a message in the Status box on the Client Page - Default Profile. A box opens asking me to create a profile for this aircraft. When I go to the Profile Editor there is no aircraft in the left hand side which has a green light next to it. So I can't seem to be create a new profile. If I load the PMDG 737-800NGX then it is recognised and it shows the correct aircraft in the Status box of the Client Page and if I open the Profile Page the B737-800 has a green light next to it. I have looked at the Client instructions but can't understand how I can create the profile for the PMDG 737-800NGXu. Please advise how I can create the profile. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  13. Hello Oski Thanks a lot for the investigation. Its really a funny story. I remember on the beginning of this topic I informed that the ILS and their frequencies works perfect when tuning ILS approaches to URSS. Anyway and anyhow I received a very good support and it satisfay my questionaries regarding EFB planning for URSS ILS approches. I found a comment within the Navigraph forum: Hi Sergey, Yes the ILS's at URSS are not included in our source because the Missed Approach is prior to the runway threshold and is not included in our data feed due to ARINC 424 coding rules. Please see here. Cheers Ian Thanks again and regards Roger
  14. Hello Oskar, Just tried to install a fresh client on a remote laptop, and had the same problem as mentioned here in this topic. After reading this solution (port number = 57892) for the server, all went fine. Maybe put this info in a separate topic in the FAQ-section?
  15. Hi Roger, We finally found the cause of this misbehaviour. All normal Approach Procedures at URSS are temporarily suspended and replaced by so-callled TEMPO Procedures. While Jeppesen/Navigraph just withdraw the apporaches (but funny enough only for the ILS 02 & 06), LIDO/NavDataPro keeps publishing all normal procedures. The procedures are suspended as from Feb 13, 2020. So as a conclusion using Navigraph data you will not be able to see the ILS apporaches in EFB until the normal procedures are reinstalled. Only NavDataPor shows all correct procedures. Nevertheless you can of course still tune the respective ILS, as the frequencies are listed on the information page. The changes are based on Russian NOTAM A0533 and are estimated to last until Apr 29, 2020. But according to my experience these estimates are not reliable.
  16. Hi Roger, What AIRAC Cycle are you working with? Coud you please also send a complete set of support files to our support mail address?
  17. Good morning Oski Thanks for additional investigations. I just followed exactly your instructions but still no success. 1. I tested again the URSS stock layout with ADE and so far there are no ILS same as you mentioned. 2. I tested again the URSS addon layout URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL with ADE and as known there are both ILS having the green arrows and the correct frequencies. 3. I removed the URSS layout URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL from my Sochi scenery folder and made an extra folder called URSS Sochi/scenery/containing the URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL and of course I added it to the scenery.cfg and I rebuilt the EFB Db. After openeing the EFB client still no ILS VOR app only. I observed the client overview and the URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL is existing. On the overview windows I selected Nearby navaids and there we have the ILS description. In addition I also installed an other Sochi addon (54530-URSS-Sochi-FSX-Reload-V1.1.zip) taken from the same Russian server. This an earlier version without having GSX and spotlights. I also tested this URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL with ADE and both ILS are included. The same problem here, no ILS VOR only. For me its not comprehensible. Other sourrounding airports such as URKA, URKK have their ILS when select with EFB. I made a screenshot confirming my above statments but I could not attach this screenshot. Probably blocked by missing space on my account. I have sent to already to your support mail adress. Have a nice wekend Roger
  18. Matthias, No, unfortunately not. After a reconnect certain items have to be reloaded.
  19. Hello, i am sorry, but i have another request/suggestion. In my Cockpit i have a Windows Tablet which is connected via WLAN to my Homenetwork. Now, after i start EFB the first time, it loads the Databases, Profile and so on, which is really OK. But after it runs EFB or my Tablet i would say, loast sometimes the WLAN for just a little moment. Then EFB starts loading all the files again. Can this not be changed? I mean the files are loaded and can be used because EFB is not restartet and during a flight i aldo did not change the Scenerie or something. Maybe it is possible? Matthias
  20. Hi Dan, this problem has been answered elsewhere already. Please use the search function of this forum, search for "ReadProcessMemory". A workaround could be to start EFB Server before you start the simulator.
  21. Hi Andreas, try to delete all the logfiles before you start the Client. The logfiles are in the following folder (default installation): C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Logfiles
  22. It's from AIP Switzerland. Unfortunately there is nothing specified in the AIP about the 744. Not many airports have an assignment list for each parking stand. The main reason for designing stands for large A/C is usually double jetty to allow for better passenger handling. In your case you can of course use all stands in that list for B744 too. Someone from Apron Control would be more suitable to answer your questions.
  23. Halo Oskar thats perfect. Where did you find this list? I would like to have it for the B747-400 as well. All Gates who I can park. Do you know if there is a list also for other Airports? So I dont have to search in Google Earth where to park my Queen.
  24. Stephan, Maybe just as a heads-up here's the official list for large A/C stands at LSZH according to the current AIP Switzerland:
  25. Something is happen to me. Nothing has changed on my system. Thanks Dan M.
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